Mr Fitzpatrick’s Iron Brew Tonic

Fitzpatricks have several cordials that contain full sugar including Iron Brew Tonic.  It’s well worth giving them a try.

I mixed their Iron Brew Tonic with chilled Highland Spring sparkling water, unfortunately not the same as Real Irn-Bru but better than Barr’s current alternative.

Highland spring are also trialling 100% recyclable bottles. Good on them!


Mr Fitzpatrick’s Drinks Range

Roots & Spices

Advert – the real meaning

I saw this Daily Record article about some video or something that A.G. Barr made. I’ve not watched it and I’m not going to but the article is funny.

I liked this quote:

Andrew Hogg posted: “Surely the wee kid in the snow is a metaphor for us (the public) wanting our Bru back and Barrs is the snowman that took it from us? Is that not the point of this advert?”

Barr, until you bring back full sugar Irn-Bru, you can shove that snowman   __ ____ ____  (I’ll let you decide which words to put here, have a game of hangman if you like)

Fundraising and Charity

Ryan auctioning one of the last glass bottles of original recipe Irn Bru in September and gives proceeds to Whiteleys Retreat, a respite house in Ayrshire which helps families with cancer in the UK.

Irn Bru fan raffling full sugar bottle for £120 – and he’s got £50 in bank already

The auction is now closed to well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to the winner!!


Please visit and support Whiteleys Retreat:

Media coverage



1 Year on and still waiting for A.G. Barr to see sense

It’s now 1 year since Ryan’s petition was started. A lot has been done, a lot is still being done…A.G. Barr still aren’t listening to us.

53k people sign a petition, A.G. Barr ignore it.


What’s next?

Coca-Cola becomes Scotland favourite Soft Drink, knocking Irn-Bru off the top spot?
A.G Barr directors retire to a nice little island somewhere?

Who knows what will happen in the next year….


Bringbackrealirn-bru stickers

The facebook group members crowdfunded the production of Stickers:

“Bring back Real Irn-Bru”



“Boycott Barr”


The stickers have been spotted on car windows, at bus stops, in shops, bars and even on an Irn-Bru delivery lorry.